Wilmington lifts all additional restrictions, now aligned with state


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Mayor Bill Saffo lifted all additional restrictions for the City of Wilmington, now fully aligning with the state’s restrictions.

Mayor Saffo says the city will continue to review its state of emergency and will make adjustments as they see fit.

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He emphasized the importance of continuing to follow the CDC guidelines as the city and state reopens.

Saffo says one concern is people not following guidelines, like wearing masks.

“For some reason some people have decided they aren’t going to wear them and you can’t make me wear them,” Saffo said. “Those are the people that if they are asymptomatic, they are going to hurt somebody. As I’ve said the mask is here for me to protect you and for you to protect me.”

However, he does not plan to make face coverings mandatory.

These changes went into effect on Friday, May 29 at 5pm.