Family craves closure after man found dead along Carolina Beach

The family of Jermaine Brown craves closure as the investigation into his death is still ongoing (photo contributed)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — 23-year-old Kenric Joseph Jermaine Brown was found dead along Carolina Beach on May 16.

Brown lived in Wake County and was visiting the beach with friends.

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Francine Echols, Brown’s Aunt, says he got separated from his friends before he was found dead.

Echols and other family members met with Carolina Beach Police to discuss the investigation into Brown’s death Thursday morning.

“So far what they told us, it does seem like everything is lining up to a drowning,” Echols said. “There’s still some things that we’re waiting to hear back on.”

But Echols says he was not a “water person” or swimmer.

She says they are satisfied with the work of the Carolina Beach Police Department, but still crave closure.

“We expect them to do a thorough, detailed job and he seems to be doing that so far,” Echols said.

While awaiting the investigation to conclude, the family remembers Jermaine Brown as full of life.

“He was colorful. He was just a powerful young man. He was a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew, friend and cousin to many. He was loved by many,” Echols said.

They say he will leave behind a legacy of talent.

Echols says he was a multi-instrument musician, a writer, an artist and so much more.

“The things that he was doing as far as his talent was concerned, those things will never be forgotten. The smile he put on our faces and in our hearts, we’ll never forget that,” Echols said. “He was a talented, wonderful, colorful young man.”

A spokesperson with the Carolina Beach Police Department says the investigation is still ongoing and they are still awaiting the autopsy results.

As of right now, they do not believe the death of Jermaine Brown was suspicious.