US Senate nominees in North Carolina accept 3 debate hosts

Thom Tillis (left) (Photo: Thom Tillis/Facebook) Cal Cunningham (right) (Photo: Cal Cunningham/Facebook)

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s two major-party U.S. Senate candidates are now in agreement on three debate hosts leading to their November election.

Campaign officials for Republican incumbent Thom Tillis and Democratic nominee Cal Cunningham confirmed separately that they accepted debate invitations from Spectrum News, WRAL-TV and the Nexstar stations covering North Carolina.

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Tillis also wants another debate in July or August. Tillis is a former state House speaker seeking a second term in the Senate. Cunningham served briefly in the legislature and ran unsuccessfully for the Senate 10 years ago.

Both candidates won their respective primaries in March.