Blue Ridge Parkway tourism will have key role in the road to economic recovery

Blue Ridge Parkway (Photo: WLOS)

A big part of the local economy’s resurgence will ride on a driveable landmark — the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A National Park Service report said nearly 15 million people visited the Blue Ridge Parkway in 2019. Their billion dollars in spending supported 16,000 jobs with a cumulative benefit of about $1.4 billion on the local economy.

Those are impressive numbers from what now seems like a long time ago. Parkway tourism will play a key role on the road to economic recovery.

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“We have no way really of knowing what the impact will look like for 2020,” parkway spokesperson Caitlin Worth said.

Not long ago, we took a trip to the parkway for granted. But in this COVID-19 age, a picnic in the mountains feels like a special occasion.

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