Turtle watchers: Fill in beach holes during nesting season

Group reminds beachgoers to fill in holes before leaving to protect sea turtles. (Photo: Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — As sea turtle season continues, local conservation groups are reminding beachgoers to fill in holes and remove other hazards from the beach to allow turtles the best chance at making their way to the water.

Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program posted images of huge holes that were recently left behind by beach visitors.

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“PLEASE FILL IN YOUR HOLES to keep people and turtles safe,” the group posted online.

They said there were more than “10 big, dangerous holes” spotted Monday morning along Oak Island’s shore.

Wildlife experts say mother turtles and the hatchlings can fall in the holes and be unable to get out of them. Large sandcastles, beach chairs, tents, etc. can trap turtles or confuse them when trying to find the water.

Topsail Turtle Project also recently took to social media to remind folks of the dangers holes could bring to nesting sea turtles.

They add all three towns on Topsail Island have ordinances requiring folks not to leave them unattended and to fill them in before leaving the beach.