Protesters march from Wilmington City Hall to council meeting asking for change


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Protests continued Tuesday night in downtown Wilmington. It’s been more than two weeks since people began gathering on the steps of city hall in wake of the killing of George Floyd.

Tuesday members of the Wilmington Advocacy and Protest Organization marched from city hall to the Wilmington city council meeting. The group presented their seven demands for a more just Wilmington. The demands included topics like re-allocating 5 million dollars for restorative justice and community led interventions.

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“In a recent interview, Mayor Saffo said he recognized the reasons behind many across the country are calling for major police reform,” Angela Colon said. “Yet he stands behind the current budget on the table this year. I would argue then sir that you do not in fact understand these reasons. Standing behind a budget that allocates 30% or more of the total general fund into the police department completely misses the intent and purpose of the calls for reform being made.” 

During Tuesday nights meeting the city council did adopt the 2020-2021 budget. Another one of the seven demands from the groups addressed the use of body cams. Mayor Bill Saffo says the mandatory use and activation of body cams whenever engaging with the public is mandatory by the police department.

The next Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 7.