Black Lives Matter movement shares message at 1898 Memorial


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Protesters across the Cape Fear are sticking to their message when it comes to racial injustice in the City of Wilmington. Protesters with the Wilmington Black Lives Matter chapter took their voices to the 1898 Memorial Park on Wednesday.

Throughout the event speakers shared their stories and idea. The group’s goal is to prepare to take the next step against in the fight against injustice. They know it will be a long process, but they say it all begins with being informed. The spread of factual information was one their main priorities on Wednesday afternoon.

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“A misinformed group of people even emotionally make mistakes,”says Black Lives Matter activist Vance Williams. “I think information breeds confidence, information breeds an action plan, information sometimes can breed creative ideas.”

The group is requesting the city to remove the confederate statues and monuments across the area. They say there is always a time for change and that time is now.

“I think it’s just shameful that we live in a city of the 1898 massacre and it seems like the city has no shame for the for what they have imposed to black people,”says Black Lives Matter organizer Sonya Patrick. “It’s just shameful.”

Wednesday’s outing is just one of many events the Black Lives Matter group has held since the killing of George Floyd. They will hold a virtual “Town Hall” meeting on Monday evening.