Fire Chief: Vandalism at Charleston 9 firefighter memorial ‘heinous, disgusting’

Fire Chief: Vandalism at Charleston 9 firefighter memorial ‘heinous, disgusting' (Photo: Charleston Fire Dept./ WCSC)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Charleston’s fire chief vowed his department would work with police to bring to justice the person responsible for the early-morning vandalism at the memorial site for nine city of Charleston firefighters.

“There is no greater symbol in humanity than that of a firefighter and the selfless acts that a firefighter does for his or her community without thought to his or her own safety,” Charleston Fire Chief Dan Curia said. “This memorial is sacred to the Charleston Fire Department, is sacred to the service, but it’s important part of our community. And to think that somebody would deface this memorial is absolutely heinous. It’s disgusting. And on behalf of the Charleston Fire Department. I deplore the act.”

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Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds was there, he said, to show unity with the fire department.

“We will make an arrest and somebody will be held accountable for this,” he said.

Reynolds said it is a tough time in our nation and in public safety.

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