UNCW student-athletes speaking out against racism


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Athletes all across the nation have had their voices heard when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement, but over the last month the number of athletes has grown. Student-athletes at UNCW are now adding their voices into the mix.

“There is some people who disagree and that’s been the hardest part losing a lot of supporters, friends and fans that you thought were there for you,”says UNCW men’s basketball senior John Bowen. “At the same time it gives you a lot of hope to see who really wants to make a change for the better for everybody.”

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UNCW men’s basketball senior John Bowen loves to write poetry and when his most recent piece came to life he knew it had to shared in the fight against racism.

It doesn’t stop at Bowen for UNCW student-athletes. Dominique Travers says she has been dealing with different types of racism since she first picked up a softball as a child.

“There are still times where you often you face microaggressions,”says UNCW softball senior Dominique Travers. “I’ve been fortunate enough not to face a lot of blatant racism, but I think the underlying assumptions and stereotypes are very much alive and well.”

She says while it is has been tough at times, she has remained strong. She wants to use her platform to inspire future generations to chase whatever dream they may have, no matter the circumstances.

“At the end of the day you have to know what you bring to the table and that’s what’s important,”says Travers. “It’s not important what other people perceive based sole on a couple of interactions or even just looking at you. “It’s about what you know in your heart you are capable of and what you put out there.”

The student athletes say they hope the movement will continue its momentum when they are on campus this fall. Their main goal is to keep sharing their message once athletics resume.