Assisted living home residents are in need of pen pals in this time of isolation

Roger is looking for a pen pal who likes Las Vegas and casino games. (Photo: CNN)

(CNN) — Nearly four months into a strict no-visitor rule due to the coronavirus, an assisted living community in North Carolina tapped into the power of social media to get its residents connected with people from all over the world.

To curb the spread of the virus, Victorian Senior Care, which manages 14 facilities in North Carolina, has implemented strict protocols to protect their residents, with one being a ban on visitors.

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“It has been mentally straining on them not to see family members and loved ones,” Meredith Seals, the chief operating officer of Victorian Senior Care, told CNN on Wednesday. “When you are used to having family there every day and then you can’t, it’s very lonely for them.”

Edna is looking for a pen pal to chat about her favorite show.

Isolation isn’t impacting only those at senior homes but many people around the world as the pandemic continues to change the way we are able to connect with each other. Seals said one of the administrators at a facility came up with an idea to match residents with others looking to make friends.

It only took one question for the post on Facebook to go viral: Will you be my pen pal?

Residents in the various Victorian Senior Care communities smiled for pictures while holding signs with their names and interests. Staff then shared the images on Facebook with the address of where to send the letters.

From sports to gardening to music, these seniors’ interests can be matched with anyone.

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