Brunswick County Commissioner faces backlash over controversial Facebook post


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Commissioner Mike Forte has taken some heat recently over a Facebook post made in June. Some who live in Brunswick County are now asking for him to resign his position.

“I couldn’t believe anyone would ever put anything like this on Facebook,” says Brunswick County resident Karen Richardson.

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His controversial post included opinions about the current state of the country.

The local NAACP and Brunswick County Democratic Party had shared a petition online asking Forte to resign, but neither were seen or spoke at Monday’s commission meeting.

Instead, Forte had supporters at the meeting saying they see no problem with the post.

“I think it goes right down to freedom of speech,” says Brunswick County resident Steve Womble. “He said not one thing, that was not true. If the shoe fit, don’t fit then don’t put it on. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Even though Forte has already deleted the post off his Facebook page, some residents can’t believe nothing has been done by the county or the board.

“This is okay with every last board member in Brunswick County of the board of commissioners,” says Richardson. “I can’t even process it.”

Others say it feels like outside sources are trying to drive a wedge in the community.

“I don’t like people coming into our town and causing a bunch of crap and then getting back and going where they came from,” says Womble. “In my opinion, if they put that much effort into good, we could make the world a much better place.”

Commissioner Forte declined to comment when asked about the matter by WWAY.