What will transportation in the Wilmington area look like in 2045?


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A local organization is planning for the next 25 years of transportation in the Cape Fear, and they want your input.

The Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Organization held a virtual open house Monday night to discuss their plans and acknowledge concerns from the community.

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“We’re required by federal regulations to update our metropolitan transportation plan every five years,” said WMPO senior transportation planner Abby Lorenzo. “And although this is a new plan looking out to 2045, in some ways it is an update to the 2040 plan.”

The WMPO breaks down transportation into six categories: Roadway, bicycle and pedestrian, aviation, mass transportation, ferry and freight and rail.

Two years ago, the organization began surveying the public.

“I would say a general theme of the comments we’ve received thus far is just placing an emphasis on the need for a multi-modal transportation network in our region,” Lorenzo said.

Multi-modal transportation refers to planning that looks at other options besides driving. At Monday’s open house, one person echoed those concerns.

“One thing that really irks me about living in Wilmington is the lack of connectivity between sidewalks, the fact that they come and go between every different business,” said participant Edward Orde.

The WMPO has a draft of the plan on the table with lists of future projects whittled down to the most crucial and feasible within budget constraints.

“There are a lot of projects to be done, and we wish and hope that in the future there is more money to do these types of projects,” Lorenzo said.

Only one person attended Monday night’s open house to bring up questions and concerns.

There will be two more virtual open houses on Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. over Zoom.

Click here to find out how you can join.

Click here to view the plan draft.