Swimmer hospitalized after being pulled from rip current by Good Samaritan

(Photo: Oak Island Water Rescue)

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — One person was taken to the hospital Monday morning after being caught in a rip current off the coast of Brunswick County, according to Oak Island Water Rescue.

Officials say several agencies responded to the 2nd Place West beach access in Oak Island for a report of a drowning.

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While responding, 911 center told water rescue that two victims were caught in a rip current.

Oak Island fire and police arrived on scene and reported that both victims were on shore but in need of medical attention.

Witnesses reported to water rescue that a man was caught in a rip current. Another man enjoying a day at the beach with his family sprang into action and swam out to the victim, saving his life.

“We strongly discourage untrained rescuers from attempting a rip current rescue, due to the rescuer commonly becoming a victim themselves,” Oak Island Water Rescue wrote online. “That said, Kudos to Luke who saved a life today.

One person was transported to the hospital, according to water rescue.