Parents voice concerns over Gov. Cooper’s school reopening plan


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Parents say they have concerns surrounding their children’s health, the effectiveness of online learning and also how restrictions like mandatory masks will be enforced as students prepare to enter a new kind of school year.

“I would love to see them keep a class full of kindergartners with masks on their face all day,” said Jessica Scarborough, who has three kids in New Hanover County Schools.

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She has concerns about her youngest returning to school next month.

“I’m kind of anxious about it, my kindergartner is high risk so he has some breathing issues,” she said.

In addition to health concerns for her son, Scarborough worries about making ends meet when schools are limited to 50% capacity.

“When he’s out of school those two weeks, I’m a full time essential worker as a daycare provider, where’s he going to go? How am I going to work 40 hours a week and get his schooling done,” she said.

Scarborough isn’t alone. Monty Hobbs has a son going into the third grade. As a worker in the film industry, he may have to temporarily take a job out of state.

“If I’m going to be out of state and my wife being in the banking business, she has to be there every day,” Hobbs said. “And so it’s kind of scary, it’s almost like one of us has to sacrifice to be home, to be able to adjust our son’s schedule.”

Hobbs also has concerns about a lack of specifics around restrictions like temperature checks and mandatory masks.

“Will they be shamed if an 8-year old takes off his mask? Will he be penalized? Will they be sent home? There’s a lot of questions and there’s so many variables,” he said.

School districts will likely release more details in the coming weeks.