New Hanover County Association of Educators asking for revised school plan


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Time is beginning to wind down on schools across the state of North Carolina to make their decisions on the upcoming school year. New Hanover County Schools has already released their plan, yet some teachers are still concerned with the plans in place.

“Until we know that we can bring our students and our educators in the classroom safely there should not be a reason why we go in,” New Hanover County Association of Educators President Amanda White said.

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The growing concerns among teachers has prompted the New Hanover County Association of Educators to submit a revised plan to the board of education. The association says if the only reason the district is choosing to do in person classes is because of the lack of trust in remote learning, that’s something that can be fixed.

“We want to be in the building with the kids just as much as they want to be there with us,” New Hanover County elementary teacher Stacey Bell said. “But we don’t know what that looks like or what the risks are of that right now. So, why would we jump into the unknown, let’s start with what we know.”

They plan to submit a proposal that involves bringing children and their parents into the school in groups to train them on how to learn remotely. The students would then learn remotely under “Plan C” until the threat of the coronavirus has subsided. Some teachers say they don’t want the rush into in-person education to affect the lives of educators.

“Right now it feels like we’re in a position to have to choose you know our health and our families health versus making an income and keeping benefits,” White said.

While New Hanover County Schools have finalized their fall plans, teachers say they have been provided with little information. One first-grade teacher says right now she doesn’t feel comfortable or ready for students to come back through the door.

“As of today I have not been given enough information of what I’m supposed to do as a teacher to even feel I’m ready for the first day of school,” Bell said. “I honestly can’t even plan for the first day of school with the information we’ve been given.”

For the complete return to school guidelines currently in place for New Hanover County you can visit the districts website.