Carolina Beach campground cited for maintenance and cleanliness violations now for sale

Carolina Beach Family Campground (photo: WWAY)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Earlier this month, the New Hanover County Environmental Health Department visited the Carolina Beach Family Campground.

Following the visit, the campground received a Notice of Violation for an inadequate wastewater system for its current population.

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Due to the condition of the wastewater system, they were instructed by the county to not accept additional visitors and have visitors in tents leave.

According to a New Hanover County Spokesperson, the campground also received a Notice to Abate “the garbage, trash and other materials that could impact health and wellness on the site.”

The county also requires them to input portable toilets, hand washing stations and add additional garbage capacity.

Additionally, the Environmental Health Department expects the campground to have a wastewater engineer begin planning the future operation of a wastewater system by July 27.

The campground is now up for sale.

Carolina Beach Pastor and Federal Point Help Center Board Member Shawn Blackwelder says these repairs are expensive, likely leading to the sale of the campground.

He says the campground serves as affordable housing for many as the cost of living has gone up in the area, but the average income has not.

Blackwelder says this could mean many families could be forced to find housing elsewhere.

“It is just, in a way, yanking the rug out from under these families when the ground beneath them is not all that steady to begin with,” Blackwelder said.

He says he is working with a number of resources, like the county and school resource officers, to make sure these families do not end up homeless.