Dozens of turtle nests survive Isaias, at least a dozen did not


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Area turtle protection organizations are reporting some turtle nests survived Hurricane Isaias and some did not.

Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization Island coordinator Debra Allen took video this morning showing a nest of hatchlings crawling out to sea after surviving the storm surge.

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Ocean Isle Beach Organizers tells us 16 nests washed away, 14 nests survived the storm and the status of four others nests is still unknown.

According to the Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program Facebook page, only two turtle nests were located following the storm. They pointed out that ten nests had already hatched before Isaias had made landfall.

Caswell Beach Turtle Watch posted on Facebook saying they have been out and were able to locate some of their nests, but not all.

“We have had reports of folks finding eggs and it would not be uncommon to find a hatchling now,” the post said.

If you do see something that needs attention, please call (910) 880-0994 the Sea Turtle Hotline at (252) 241-7367.

The Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project posted saying Carolina Beach lost one nest and Kure Beach lost six nests.

“This isn’t bad considering the strength this storm (& tide) came in at. We have had reports of random turtle eggs, hatchlings, goose eggs, snapping turtles, nest equipment & everything in between from who knows where. The great news is KB1 hatched the day before the storm, and then KB13 was laid during the storm!”