Hurricane rocks coastal Brunswick County town, governor says help is coming


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper paid a visit to the Town of Oak Island on Thursday to thank first responders and survey the damage.

“$9.65 million worth of damage, but we are comforted by knowing you stand shoulder to shoulder with us,” Oak Island Town Manager David Kelly said. “That gives us hope.”

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Following Hurricane Isaias, Gov. Cooper toured the island to see the damage for himself.

“It’s hard enough to prepare for a disaster like this, but having to do it in the middle of a pandemic makes it all that much more difficult,” Gov. Cooper said. “But from all of the reports I’ve gotten, it was done extremely well here.”

Gov. Cooper says he intends to do all he can to provide help and that President Donald Trump will support recovery efforts as well.

“I spoke to the President a couple of days ago, he said the full force of the federal government would be available for us,” Gov. Cooper said. “A lot of what we could potentially qualify for wll depend on the damage assesments that are going on right now.”

The governor also spoke to locals about the damage to their homes and ended his visit with speaking to Brunswick County leaders.

“Southport is a tough, resillient, seafarring town,” Southport Mayor Joe Pat Hatem said.

“Clearly a lot of resillient people here to try to pick up and go,” Gov. Cooper said. “This county’s no stranger to storms, that’s for sure.”

North Carolina Emergency Management Deputy Director Steve Powers says they are putting in a request to fema for a disaster declaration for Brunswick County.