Commissioners bar NHRMC trustees, elected officials from serving on new hospital board

New Hanover County Commissioners meet on 3/9/20. Commissioner Woody White was absent.

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Commissioners met Monday evening, making some big decisions.

Board Chair Julia Olsen-Boseman presented a motion that no New Hanover Regional Board of Trustees member or elected official can serve on the new foundation board for at least two years after they have left office.

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The motion was approved 4-1. Commissioner Patricia Kusek voted no.

Olsen-Boseman says she believes it would be difficult to be on the board with a former commissioner, even herself worried that board members could feel pressured to vote alongside someone who put them on the board.

“The PAG has worked very hard to get this done and I think they’re beyond reproach,” Olsen-Boseman said. “The last thing we need are trustees or elected officials going on that board telling citizens what to do with the $1.3 billion. So that’s the whole lot of things. We’re going to get politics out of the hospital, politics out of this foundation board and that’s why we want to keep politicians off the board.”

The board also voted unanimously to approve a resolution protecting Second Amendment rights for county citizens.