‘Mount Trashmore’: Storm debris piles up at Brunswick County beach

Storm debris is being collected next to Ocean Isle Beach Town Hall before it's removed. (Photo: Kylie Jones/WWAY)

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As the clean up continues for beach towns after Isaias, the mound of debris grows in Ocean Isle Beach.

The debris has piled up next to town hall, and some residents have expressed concerns about where all the debris is going to go.

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In the mound of debris, you can see everything from household items, to furniture, to even pieces of docks that were destroyed during the storm. Some even calling the pile “Mount Trashmore.”

Now, residents are also wondering why the debris is being left to pile up at town hall, but the mayor says it won’t be there for long.

Mayor Debbie Smith says the town’s debris removal crews have been on the ground since the August 4, the day after the storm. She says they had to clear the roadways first, which were full of sand.

Smith says town crews have also been out on the beach picking up stairways and other debris.

The town is asking everyone to have their storm and fire debris out on the roadside for pickup by Monday, so it can be removed before another potential storm.

Smith explains why the mound of debris is sitting next to town hall, saying it needs to be sifted before it can be hauled off.

“They are now picking up debris that has been put roadside from the construction debris and all the stuff we had in our storage rooms downstairs,” Smith said. “They’re picking that up as we speak. It is being accumulated here on the island, where it will be sorted before it’s sent off.”

Smith says she expects crews to start sifting through that pile of debris this week, and hopes it will all be removed from the island by the end of next week.

She also says the town is working to potentially get reimbursed by FEMA for storm debris removal.