Innocent man mistaken for suspect in serious crimes jailed for days


CHESTER COUNTY, SC (WSOC) — A man was arrested at work, in front of his co-workers, only for the charges to be dropped after police said he was misidentified as the suspect. Now, his mother says his life is changed forever.

Brenden Eans’ mother told WSOC her son is quiet and was not up to speaking himself. She’s not shy about speaking out for him though because she said everyone agrees that what happened to him was wrong.

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But last weekend, Eans found himself at the Chester County Jail, charged with damaging property at a University City storage facility, assaulting a police officer and leading officers on a chase to get away.

The problem is, police admit they had the wrong guy.

“I found out my son had been arrested Friday evening when his girlfriend called and said he hadn’t come home,” Eans’ mother, Chanel Sapp-Young, said.

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