Unincorporated areas still waiting for debris pick-up in Brunswick County

The Jackey's Creek neighborhood is still awaiting debris pick-up nearly 3 weeks after tornadoes touched down in the area (photo: Sydney Bouchelle/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The community is still cleaning up after nearly three weeks after Hurricane Isaias made landfall in Brunswick County.

The beaches faced the brunt of the storm, but further inland some areas were affected by tornadoes.

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Jackey’s Creek, a neighborhood on Highway 133 near Belville, is one of the neighborhoods still littered with debris. Resident Karen Carver says while she understands places like Oak Island and Ocean Isle need help, she feels places like Jackey’s Creek and Rivercroft have been forgotten about.

Carver says the tornado caused more damage in just one moment than any hurricane she has lived through the past 50 years.

“One minute. The damage was unbelievable,” Carver said. “We cleaned up the best we could to prevent any more of this vegetative debris from getting into the storm drain.”

She says the leftover debris is a problem for cars passing by and could cause additional flooding.

“It’s not conducive to trying to get equipment in here to try and fix everyone’s homes, having places for them to park and right-of-way in the road is being compromised,” Carver said. “And then you have all this vegetative debris that will end up right in that storm drain.”

Carver has contacted the North Carolina Department of Transportation and county commissioners about debris pick up.

She says the NCDOT told her they were anticipating instruction on what to do last week, but she hasn’t heard back.

Brunswick County Commissioner Frank Williams visited the site and took photos of the debris. He says the activation of the county’s debris contract is complex.

“The county’s decision on whether to activate its debris contract is based on a number of factors, including the volume of debris in unincorporated areas county-wide and whether or not the County has been declared as a major disaster area,” Williams wrote. “While Isaias left significant debris in Jackey’s Creek, Rivercroft, and other areas affected by the tornado, the amount of debris county-wide appears to be significantly lower than Florence. This issue will be discussed when our recessed meeting reconvenes on Friday.”

Commissioner Pat Sykes says she intends to make the motion to clean it up. She says it’s one of her major concerns because it’s a safety hazard, possibly leading to fires or other damage.

Brunswick County Commissioners were originally scheduled to discuss the clean-up on Monday, but it was tabled for Friday’s meeting at 3pm.