Residents petition to fight erosion in Ocean Isle Beach

Sand bags on the east end of Ocean Isle Beach help combat high tides (photo: Sydney Bouchelle/WWAY)

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The east end of Ocean Isle Beach is more vulnerable to storms and flooding as the ocean slowly reclaims the beach due to erosion.

Mayor Debbie Smith says the town has been working toward a solution for more than 15 years, but in 2017 the plan for a terminal groin came to a halt.

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A lawsuit filed on behalf of Audubon North Carolina blocked the construction of the groin, claiming there were more cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to fight erosion.

On Monday, President of the Sand Dweller’s Owner’s Association Kelly Cruz started a petition saying “their nests (homes) matter too.”

The petition reads, “With each day that passes, we lose a little more sand, a little more road, a little more memories, and a little more hope.”

There are currently more than 750 signatures.