Battleship hosts night-long ghost hunt


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This weekend, paranormal investigators met at the North Carolina Battleship for celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day.

Led by the Positively Paranormal Investigators, three teams met at the Battleship for an all-night ghost hunt, lugging on monitors, cameras, and paranormal equipment.

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And after setting up and settling in, they turned off all the lights, wandering through what some consider a “haunted” Battleship in the pitch black night.

As they geared up, Doug Anderson of Port City Paranormal boiled down their process to just a few words:

“We converse with them. We talk them like I’m talking to you now…and sometimes they talk back.”

Matthew Schelar, the Positively Paranormal team leader shared his main concern, saying, “Lot of people say that the spirits on here are the spirits of the sailors. We’re kind of, on the edge, you know, kind of on the fence about that…because the devil is deceiving.”

The event was part of the “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”, an even organized by paranormal investigators across the US to livestream and document as many ghost hunts as possible on the same night.