Loggerhead Golf Co. adds a SAM Puttlab, designed to improve your golfing experience


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If you’ve ever wanted to improve your golf game, you may now be in luck.

The Loggerhead Golf Co. in Wilmington recently installed a SAM Puttlab to help you pick the perfect putter and lower your putts per round.

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Dozens of people came out early on Saturday morning and were excited to see the new equipment. The Puttlab is the only one of its kind in the Cape Fear, and has been used by several professional golfers.

Darrell Posey with Loggerhead Golf Co. says it’s worth spending some green to do better on the greens.

“We provide a unique experience, an opportunity for golfers to really not only be trained for their golf game but to be fit for their golf clubs,” Posey said. “So they can better their handicaps, better their games, win that club championship.”

Posey says even the smallest adjustments to your putts can make a huge difference between bogies and birdies.