Tomatoes, turnips rule in big year for veggie gardening

Tomatoes (Photo: Pixabay)

CHARLESTON, WV (AP) — The year of the new coronavirus was also the year of new gardeners trying to grow their own vegetables.

Not surprisingly tomatoes are still king. And in a twist, the respect-seeking turnip actually turned some heads.

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Seed companies are taking stock of what went well and what came out of the woodwork.

Tomatoes were their top seller. That includes Burpee’s Bodacious Tomato, Park Seeds’ Park’s Whopper and Ferry Morse’s Large-Fruited Red Cherry Tomato.

Cucumbers, peppers and beans also are near the top of retail sales.

At Burpee, the biggest surprise was the Silky Sweet Turnip. Chairman George Ball says seed sales of the root vegetable were mind-blowing.