AMC Theater opens in Wilmington for the first time since March


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–It was a special night for movie fans across the Cape Fear on Friday. The AMC Theater in Wilmington opened their doors for the first time since mid-March.

The sound of popcorn popping filled the room as people filed into the theater for their first night open in over seven months. For some people it started back up a family tradition right where it left off.

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“We’re pretty excited, we’ve been waiting for this for awhile,” says Nicholas Hoffman. “We come here basically every week when the movie theaters are open. So, every Friday we come out to the movies.”

Movie buffs in attendance for the reopening say they won’t ever take the theater experience for granted again. It gives them not only entertainment, but a opportunity to unwind.

“I definitely felt like an absence of activities,” Joel Zuiker said. “It’s something that I do for stress management, I’m a counselor. So, it’s a time where I can step away and just reflect on my day. So, I’m excited about the movies being back up.”

The AMC Theater in Wilmington has 12 movies showing right now. COVID-19 brought many film productions to a halt, forcing some theaters to bring back the classics. People were full of responses when asked what they have missed the most, but the most popular answer was pretty simple. They hope opening night was a step in the right direction for things to begin getting back to normal.

“Actually the popcorn is what we’ve missed the most, the popcorn here is the best,” says Christina Hoffman. “We just love the whole experience and enjoying the new movies that come out. So, we hope that as time progresses more and more movies come out we can enjoy.”

AMC is the first movie theater in Wilmington open back up after North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced in September they could return to business.