Local nonprofit feeds the community


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Coronavirus pandemic has hit many in our region hard, making it difficult for some families to put food on the table.

But now Leading Into New Communities, or LINC, is trying to fix that. They’re handing out 1,200 food boxes to food-insecure families.

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“It blesses a lot of people,” says LINC’s executive director, Frankie Roberts. “People lost their jobs, some people are sick and lost loved ones. Some places are closed down. Businesses are closed down. You know, it’s a ripple effect, it’s a domino effect. And so we want to be the positive domino effect by giving back to the community whatever resources that were given to us.”

And within hours, volunteers gave out 1,200 boxes to locals like Dennis Faulk, who says he uses the boxes to feed his family and neighbors:

“With all we’ve been through…hurricanes…like I said we ain’t fortunate like other people are, and it’s just great that people like the company, I don’t know who the company is, that are doing this for our community.”

Roberts says LINC is all about second chances. Their goal? To help young men and women with substance abuse and mental health issues transition out of prison and turn over a new leaf.

And by giving out food boxes, Roberts says volunteers are able to reinvest into their home.

“With food,”says Roberts, “you’re able to meet a person’s need, and you’re able to open up a dialogue. When a person feeds you, you get their interest. And that’s when you can drop a seed of encouragement or whatever you need to drop for a person to elevate and move on in life.”

They’re feeding the community’s stomach, as well as it’s soul.