The Island Men taking Golf Cart Parade to the people


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Island Men at Pleasure Island are ready to welcome Halloween to the island with the Pleasure Island Golf Cart Rally.

It’s a parade of locals in their best costumes and decorated golf carts.  It will travel through Carolina Beach neighborhoods so families and enjoy the fun from their own home.

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The Island Men Vice President Bob Lewis says it is “not like a typical parade, we want families to watch from their front yard.”

The group has organized the event with all pandemic safety protocols in place.  Line up will be socially distanced and safe, all participants will wear masks, and carts are required to maintain a safe distance during the parade.

All the fun is to help others on the island.  Lewis says the money raised will “provide local charities that are really having a tough time with this pandemic, provide them with some additional monies by the end of the year.”

The Island Men give money to many organizations including the Federal Point Help Center, Martha’s Kitchen, Step Up For Soldiers, and Ocean Cure.

Lewis says they also make it a point to help “as many things with kids as possible including at the school, and Boy and Girl Scouts on the island.”

The parade will organize and line up in the Publix Supermarket parking lot at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, October 24.  It will travel south on Lake Park North, turn onto Harper to 7th, 7th to Cape Fear Ave, Cape Fear Ave to 5th, 5th to Hamlet, Hamlet to 8th, 8th to Atlanta, Atlanta to 5th, 5th to Columbia, Columbia to 8th, 8th to Sumter, Sumter to 5th, 5th to Spartanburg, Spartanburg to 6th, 6th to Carolina Sands Loop, Carolina Sands to 6th to Greenville, Greenville to 4th, 4th to Cape Fear, Cape Fear to the Gazebo Area Finish Line.

Carts will be judged in several categories at the Gazebo.

For more information or to be in the parade click here.