UNCW political science students react to final 2020 presidential debate


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in Nashville Thursday night, young voters in Wilmington held a virtual watch party.

It was hosted by UNCW political science professors Dr. Aaron King and Dr. Nadine Gibson. More than 60 students and staff participated.

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It started off with a half hour discussion before the debate began and students were able to participate in an anonymous survey to say which candidate they support. A majority of those that participated favor former Vice President Joe Biden.

During the debate, students and staff participated in a live chat to share their opinions and students spoke with WWAY to give their reaction after the debate was finished.

“A lot of this debate has been Trump coming at Biden for things that he claims Biden is doing and Biden having to defend himself and also try and like answer the question that’s being asked,” said student Izzy Sciotto.

“One thing that I really wish they had was live fact checking, because I keep hearing these claims and they’re just so conflicting that I get really confused sometimes,” said student Mason McVeety

“I’m obviously left-leaning, but I still don’t like either of them, but I think that they both look a lot better,” said student Emma Geiszler. “I don’t like Trump by any means, but he definitely looks way better and way more composed this debate.”

“It was a little refreshing tonight to see them actually discussing the issues more so than just like interrupting everyone every five seconds,” said student Ceara Lambert But also like, while the mics worked and muting them was good for certain parts, I feel like they could have done it a little bit stronger.”

Once the debate was finished, students got to participate in additional discussion with their professors.