Wilmington Police swear in furry friends to K9 Unit


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police swore in three new dogs to their K-9 unit:

  • Marian, and explosives detective dog
  • Blu, a dog the Wilmington community got to help name through social media
  • and Rudy, a German Shepherd.

Rudy’s owner, Joseph Delguercio, says after training, these dogs serve will serve the community and keep officer safe.

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“A lot of the things that dogs can do just makes it tremendously safer for officers,”says Delguercio. “They way they use their nose, and track and find people and go into areas. That definitely keeps officers out of harm’s way more than anything.”

After a speech from Mayor Bill Saffo, the three took with stage with Chief Donny Williams, waiting patiently as their owners pinned on their new K-9 Unit Collars.

Corporal Kendall Murphy will train the dogs for duty. Her dogs’ names are Dex and Diablo, and she says they’re valuable members of her team:

“Just this past week, we had a passenger run from a vehicle. And Dex, tracked that person, located them. Once we located the person, we could take them into custody with no incident, and we found a gun and narcotics as well.”

Murphy says they even helped officers search for looters after Hurricane Florence.

“So we did a lot of building searches during Florence,” Murphy recounts “So when businesses were broken into, we sent Diablo in there to make sure it was clear or to find anybody who was in the building.”

K-9 Unit Trainers say Marian will go to larger scale events like the Azalea Festival to make rounds and sniff out explosives.

Rudy and Blu will train in narcotics detection, tracking, and patrol work.