Large Biden/Harris campaign sign knocked over, ‘racist’ spray painted over it


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Campaign signs for President Donald Trump damaged and stolen in New Hanover County, the “Wilmington for Trump 2020” billboard damaged in early October and a viewer says a large Biden/Harris sign was damaged the same day.

A viewer, who chose to remain anonymous, shared this photo with WWAY and says the sign was damaged the same day as the Wilmington for Trump billboard (photo: WWAY/Viewer)

Many ask, what is happening this election cycle?

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“We’re extremely divided and it’s rearing it’s ugly head,” Brunswick County Resident Joseph Pasculli said.

Pasculli says he’s put up several Biden/Harris signs along the road in Brunswick County, many ending up gone and a large one in Ocean Isle Beach has been vandalized.

A Biden/Harris sign in Ocean Isle Beach was knocked over and spray painted (photo: Joseph Pasculli)


“It doesn’t stop me. It actually makes me more determined to get those signs back out,” Pasculli said. “I’ve put them back out and they’ve taken them and I put them back out.”

It’s not only Biden signs that have been taken.

“There have been some Cooper signs and Cunningham signs, but it’s mostly Joe Biden signs that have been stolen or taken off the streets,” Pasculli said.

He says stealing signs does not result in a stolen vote.

“Signs don’t vote. The only thing the sign does for us here is to show that there’s another option,” Pasculli said. “It’s not just, you know, all Trump down here.”

Pasculli says no matter which candidate you support, stealing and defacing signs just isn’t right.

“Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind to have some retribution and do the same thing, but it’s not the American way. It’s freedom of speech,” he said. “Put your sign out and let it be. Let’s play fair. That’s all, play fair.”

WWAY has reached out to the Brunswick County GOP to find out if Trump/Pence signs have been stolen but has not heard back.