Dogs say ‘I do’ for a good cause in Sunset Beach


SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A pair of dogs in Sunset Beach tied a knot stronger than any leash on Wednesday night at Sunset Beach.

The pups walked down the aisle and barked “I do” making their doggy marriage official. Their owners say it was that’s been months in the making.

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“We thought about it over the summer and we’re going to wait until after covid was over, but covid’s not going to be over for a while,” Delilah’s owner Lisa Rutherford said. “So, we decided we just had to do it. We decided we’ll do it in two weeks and then we had to have a bachelorette party and then the wedding.”

A crowd of over 50 watched the wedding near the Sunset Beach Pier. The owners decided instead of having people buy gifts for the furry couple, they would be able to donate money towards R.A.C.E Animal Rescue in Shallotte. It is very fitting since both Delilah and Mugsy were rescue pets.

“It was all about R.A.C.E Rescue in Brunswick County and trying to help them raise money,” Mugsy owner Nicole Depauw said. “Especially now when all the fundraisers are shut down because of covid and you can’t have the groups. The non-profits are hurting so badly right now.”

They’ve raised hundreds of dollars so far and expect that number to continue rising after the doggy wedding. They say while the number of people that showed up surprised them, the overwhelming support to help and have a fun day at the beach did not.

“I expected it cause the people really support the rescue and it’s a beautiful day,” Mike Depauw said. “So, some people just kept wandering over to take part in the wedding.”​