Democrats condemn Tillis’ lack of COVID-19 relief efforts


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In another last campaign push, Democrats came out on Thursday to put pressure on their Republican counterparts for not passing COVID-19 relief legislation.

Led by Senator Harper Peterson, they spoke in Wilmington, bringing the hammer down on Senator Thom Tillis.

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Peterson says Tillis has failed to pass COVID relief to help millions of North Carolinians struggling to make ends meet.

He says this represents Tillis’s beliefs about affordable health care as a whole.

Peterson, whose Senate seat is also up for re-election, is vowing to make health care accessible to every citizen.

“This affects everybody,” he said. “Health care shouldn’t be based on your income. It should be based on the fact that you’re part of our society, you contribute, you pay taxes, and you should be provided that. It’s not a privilege. It’s a right.”

He says the Affordable Care Act has given people access to things like cancer screenings, maternity care, and other life-saving resources.

If it’s repealed, he says Republicans have no plan to replace it.