Locals get ready for Halloween 2020


WILMINGTON/LELAND, NC (WWAY) — It’s the spookiest night of the year. Well, almost–and this year will look a little different.

The big parties, bobbing for apples, and even trick or treating in neighborhoods like Magnolia Greens and Landfall aren’t happening this year. The changes had many kids like Ashlyn worried:

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“Yes! And we were afraid that we wouldn’t go trick or treating with our friends. And our hearts would be crushed.”

But some are using the newfound obstacles to get creative with their celebrations, leaving out pre-bagged candy, incorporating masks with costumes, and decorating houses like there’s no tomorrow. Literally.

“People are first off doing a lot more yard decoration,” says Scott Powell, Halloween and More’s owner. “As an example, you can’t find skeletons, those big five foot skeletons anywhere in the country right now. All of them have been bought out.”

And for Jennifer Jones, it’s a way for her and her family to celebrate their favorite time of year and stay safe.

“It looks a lot different.,” Jones says. “Because a lot of people are scared to come out and celebrate, scared to take their kids trick or treating. I’m hoping that there will still be a lot of kids out and about, since people that are participating are trying to do it in a safe way so kids can still enjoy it and have a little bit of normalcy.”