After Hurricane Dorian, a layup helped the Bahamas rebuild

Stephen F. Austin University beats no. 1 Duke after Nathan Bain scores on the final second of overtime. (Photo: Fox Sports)

(AP) — Nathan Bain provided one of college basketball’s signature moments last season.

His buzzer-beating layup in overtime gave unheralded Stephen F. Austin a stunning upset over Duke on Nov. 26. 2019.

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Duke was the No. 1 team in the country at the time and hadn’t lost a nonconference game on its home floor in nearly 20 years. But that became just a sliver of the story that night.

Bain’s layup won a game — and rebuilt a home, rebuilt a school and rebuilt a church, all of it directly impacting the lives of hundreds of Bahamians whose lives were upended by Hurricane Dorian.