Wilmington to continue red light camera program for four more years


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Council voted to extend its contract for red light camera ticketing services for the next several years.

The city partners with Scottsdale, Arizona-based company American Traffic Solutions to provide the service, which brings in about $1,000,000 in fines each year.

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There were concerns that the camera equipment was not installed properly or certified in the state. As part of this contract, all new photo enforcement equipment including new structural foundations will be designed and sealed by a North Carolina-licensed professional engineer.

“We find that this thing has definitely reduced car accidents in those intersections, it’s a public safety issue for us,” said Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo. “And then the other part of it is, the county’s part of it is it raises a considerable amount of money for our school system, almost a million dollars that we directly give in fines to the school system to help offset some of their costs.”

The new contract goes into effect December 1, and good for four years and seven months. The city has the option of up to three one-year extensions or month-to-month services at the conclusion of the contract period.

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