Belville awarded $350K for multi-use paths to improve safe school access

Town of Belville (Photo: WWAY)

BELVILLE, NC, (WWAY) — The Town of Belville is proud to announce it will begin the engineering and design phase of two projects that it was awarded through the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Organization (WMPO).

The town received 350,000 to construct two multi-use paths along NC Highway 133 to improve safe access to Belville Elementary School from the Rice Hope development and other neighboring homes.

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The applications required a minimum of a 20% local cash match; Belville will “match” the awards with just over $70,000 of its own funding.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Friday at the Brunswick Riverwalk at Belville Park where elected officials including Representative Frank Iler, the Belville Board of Commissioners, Brunswick County Chairman Frank Williams, Commissioner Mike Forte as well as representatives from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Belville Elementary School, the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization and WithersRavenel gathered to celebrate the occasion.

In 2016, the WMPO issued a call for projects to agencies in its jurisdiction as part of Surface Transportation Block Grant Program-Direct Appointment Funding (STBGP-DA) and Transportation Alternatives Set Aside-Direct Appointment Funding (TASA-DA).  Following the WMPO request, in 2017, Belville submitted two applications to the WMPO for multi-use paths to improve access to Belville Elementary School along NC Highway 133.

The projects, when combined, will construct the paths in front of Belville Elementary and along the west side of NC 133 from the south edge of Morecamble Boulevard to the Rice Hope development, where they will extend between the two entrances of the Hawkeswater community to the Rice Hope Development. The paths will adjoin the neighborhoods with a safe passage and additional ways to access Belville Elementary School.

“Making sure its children can get to school safely is one of the most important jobs of any town, especially one on the verge of significant growth like Belville,” Mayor Mike Allen said. “We thank the WMPO for this funding.  These paths will benefit the Belville’s children for decades to come.”

“The WMPO is excited to partner with Belville in these efforts and look forward to the completion of these important transportation infrastructure improvements,” Mike Kozlosky, Executive Director of the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Organization, said.