North Carolina mom says mask mandate triggers deep childhood trauma

Wake mom says mask mandate triggers deep childhood trauma, wants more compassion. (Photo: WTVD)

WAKE COUNTY, NC (WTVD) — Linda Belt’s trigger is the mask, the ones we’ve all been wearing in public places through the pandemic to help stop the spread.

“This happens to be the one trigger for me,” the Wake County mother of four said.

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The masks bring back to the trauma of her childhood when she was molested by an adult. She said the face coverings unearth those same feelings of being restricted; someone covering her mouth; she says masks send her into a panic attack.

“Putting on a mask, for me, and rebreathing my own air fills me with anxiety, fills me with that panic feeling — that fight or flight, or freeze feeling,” Belt said.

It’s not political, she says. Belt is not an “anti-masker,” someone who argues that the face coverings violate her American liberty. She proclaims her willingness to do her part in the pandemic but insists she and others like her deserve more understanding about the trauma they’re facing.

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