Late father buys son first beer on 21st birthday


TAUNTON, MA (WBZ) — Death did not prevent a father from celebrating his son’s 21st birthday.

“The morning of my birthday, we went out to breakfast and ordered that first beer and it was actually like he was there buying me my first beer,” Matt Goodman said.

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It was unexpected because his father, John Goodman, passed away from cancer nearly six years ago.

“He was just the life of the party,” he said.

John Goodman gave his daughter Casey Goodman a $10 bill and asked her to save it for her brother’s 21st birthday so he could buy his son his first legal drink.

Casey Goodman kept the secret and gave the money to her brother the night before his birthday.

“It’s just something so typical that my dad would have done,” she said. “Him and my dad were so close and he’s had such a hard time anytime that a monumental moment comes up in his life that my dad’s not there.

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