“All I could do was scream, ‘Is he breathing?'”: Locals hold Prayer for Peace Rally


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The City of Wilmington has seen 20 murders so far this year, many related to gun and gang violence.

On Saturday, members of the community held a Prayer for Peace Rally at the 1898 Memorial and City Hall.

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Their mission: to get Wilmington’s attention and to stop members of the Black community from further hurting one another.

One by one, members of the all black group of speakers shared their stories with those holding signs, passing by, and listening in a crowd below City Hall’s steps.

Judy McKnight, leader of “Moms-N-Mourning”, told the audience about the day her 20-year-old son died. McKnight says she received a call from the police after her son was robbed and shot only 15 minutes after leaving her house.

“And all I could do was get out of my car and scream, ‘Is he breathing?’,” McKnight remembered. “People out here say there’s justice. And I know Ben David and his attorneys do the best they can. But when it comes to a mother losing her child, there is no justice.”

The rally organizer, Tracion Flood said the rally will continue downtown on a monthly basis until the violence in Wilmington comes to an end.