Contractor donates 70,000 masks to Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In New Hanover County, a local PPE contractor is donating tens of thousands of face masks to small businesses and childcare facilities.

Port City Contracting Services (PCCS) is donating 70,000 medical grade face masks, with the goal to keep small businesses in the area open and safe. Included in that number is 6,000 small face masks for children at local childcare facilities.

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“Of course nothing is 100 percent,”  said PCCS CEO Trey Sharpe, “but if we can just slow it down and give this vaccine time to enter our community and to start doing its job, we can save a lot of lives.”

Sharpe’s company makes and sells masks across the country, but to him, this donation isn’t about the bottom line. On Tuesday, a man close with several of Sharpe’s partners died of Coronavirus.

“It’s not about, you know, my company being able to sell more masks,” Sharpe said.  “I would be happy if I never had to sell another COVID supply again in my life.”

According to Wilmington Chamber of Commerce President, Natalie English, Sharpe’s donation will ease the physical and financial burden of many small businesses in the region.

“If we can save them some money on PPE,” English explained, “then maybe they can keep somebody employed for a little while longer.”

Sharpe has lived in Wilmington since he was 19, serving in the marines. He was always to taught to help others and work as a team.

“A team always works for the benefit of everyone. And you do what you can, when you can. And when you’re struggling to stay afloat, every bit helps.

And Wednesday, he used that training to help the home he loves.

“This is my home. I didn’t really have one growing up. It’s why I ended up in the Marine Corp. And… I love Wilmington.”

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce is already handing out PPE to small businesses, childcare facilities, and members of the general public. If you need masks, call 910-762-2611.