A shopping trip of nightmares: Local speaks out about mall gunshot


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One Wilmington resident will never forget Monday night, when a shopping trip ended with a fight…then a gunshot at Independence Mall.

Kathy Snow is a local middle school teacher, and was getting some last minute holiday shopping done Monday. Around 5:30, she stopped to browse Pandora charms at Reed’s Jewelers, just steps away from where the fight would break out.

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She says the mall was packed that day. When she heard a loud sound and glass shatter, she assumed someone had dropped something heavy… until she noticed dozens of men and women running for their lives.

Two women she knew sprinted past her, turning around briefly to warn her.

“They stopped and looked at me and said, ‘Kathy, run!’ And then it hit me. I was like oh my gosh, that was a gun,” Snow remembered. “And then, right behind her was about probably 25 people, and I just remember thinking, ‘I have to get out of here.'”

Snow says she and dozens of others ran down a narrow hallway to escape. She made her way to her car terrified, but ultimately grateful to be alive.

We reached out to Independence Mall, but they declined to comment.

The shooter also ran from the scene, and the incident is still under investigation. If you have any information, contact the Wilmington Police Department.