NC family told to say goodbye, but loved one battles back from COVID-19


A western North Carolina family is calling their loved one a living miracle.

The mother of 41-year-old Mark Mull said doctors told them to say their goodbyes to him after a weekslong battle against COVID-19.

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“Last I seen my son, he was blowing me a kiss and then they cut the iPad off because then they were venting him,” Barbara Stiles said.

After 41 years of being inseparable, Stiles said a COVID-19 diagnosis at Thanksgiving took Mull, who has Down syndrome, away from her.

“He was begging, ‘My mama go, my mama go,’ and so they let me stay with him until they rolled him out,” she said.

Stiles said Mull was placed on a ventilator at the beginning of December at Mission.

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