Happy and Sunshine’s becomes bright spot for abandoned, abused pigs


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Happy and Sunshine’s Pig Sanctuary in Pender County has become a bright spot for some abandoned and abused pigs.

Volunteers are taking care of 48 pigs, some victims of abuse or of dumping when an owner or business cannot take care of the pig anymore, and let them run free.

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Farm Owner Nicole Talley says she recently started the sanctuary to address the growing problem.

She says pigs are just like toddlers.

“I mean, they have feelings like we do,” Talley said. “They need love like we do. They just want somebody to love them, take care of them, feed them. And like I said, even with these guys over here, the stories and the places they came from, even though they won’t let you touch them or pet them, they still want you there.”

Talley says she started the pig sanctuary just six months ago and says there are many ways you can help.

If you’re interested in donating money, food, or even just your time, click this link to learn more.