N.C. Sen. Edwards tweets he’s ‘concerned’ about Rep. Cawthorn’s conduct as a legislator

Madison Cawthorn, Republican nominee for North Carolina's 11th Congressional District, speaks during the third night of the 2020 Republican National Convention, Aug. 26, 2020. (Photo: Republican National Convention)

North Carolina state Republican Sen. Chuck Edwards made his ire known in a tweet this week about the conduct of newly sworn-in fellow Republican U.S. Congressman Madison Cawthorn.

“There’s a right and wrong way to conduct yourself as a legislator,” Edwards tweeted about Cawthorn on Jan. 12. “And I’m extremely concerned about Congressman Cawthorn’s conduct. As a legislator, I don’t need to be threatened to do the job the voters hired me to do.”

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The Senator, who lives in Hendersonville where Cawthorn also resides, was responding to a video clip of Cawthorn from the Turning Point USA conference last month where Cawthorn addressed the crowd of thousands of young Republicans.

The clip has gone viral.

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