New Hanover parents rally against Plan A push back, want kids back in school


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sunday, parents, and students gathered near Ashley High School to rally against the New Hanover County Board of Education’s decision to delay Plan A full-time in-person learning for elementary schools.

According to Elizabeth Kline, a mother of two, last semester was difficult.

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“It’s a dumpster fire — my favorite word for remote learning.”

Elementary schoolers, seniors in high school, and proud parents…. all wanting New Hanover County Schools to move into Plan A, and bring kids like third-grader Lucy Brown back into the classroom.

“Well, it’s fun being there like two days a week,” said Brown, “but… it would be nice, it’s just for the other two days it’s just staring at a screen.”

Bill Lockerby, a father of two says virtual learning has been hard on all parties. But throughout the pandemic, he said teachers drew a short straw.

“They’re not to blame,” emphasized Lockerby, “Teachers aren’t to blame.”

Instead, his daughter Addie says the medium itself is to blame.

“It’s really hard for, at least for my brother and I to learn at home, and we’re struggling, but I feel like many more kids are doing much worse.”

Bryce Alkins, a senior at Ashley High School agrees.

“I haven’t learned basically anything,” Alkins explained. “It’s just…you get your work done, you send it in… you attend a couple of zooms and you’re done.”

And parents like Elizabeth Kline are at their wit’s end, worried their children are falling behind.

“My second grader has had three Zooms in two weeks,” said Kline. “It’s not education.”

We reached out to New Hanover County School for comment. According to their spokesman:

“New Hanover County Schools is continuing to plan for all students under Plan B AA/BB schedule beginning on January 19th.”

The next New Hanover County Board of Education meeting will be held this Thursday at 5 pm.