Novant Health ‘disappointed’ in number of COVID vaccines in next shipment


NORTH CAROLINA (WWAY) — Novant Health says it will receive just more than 5,000 doses of the state’s latest vaccine shipment, calling the number “disappointing.”

The number is roughly 4 percent of the state’s allocation of doses. According to Dr. David Priest, Novant Health’s Senior Vice President, they plan to discuss the issue with Gov. Roy Cooper later today.

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“That number is disappointing and insufficient to serve the patients in the communities that we serve,” said Priest. “We understand there’s a limited supply. We don’t understand right now how the gap in allocation numbers can be so wide between healthcare systems. So we have a call-in with the governor and his team later today to ask for clarification on the process.”

Priest also said other North Carolina healthcare systems are receiving up to 27 percent of the allotted vaccines, something he hopes to bring up to Governor Cooper.

The company says they are confident they can administer 95,000 vaccinations a week, and they plan to open six mass vaccination sites, with one hopefully in Brunswick County.

But unless they receive more supply, Novant said they don’t have enough vaccines to roll out those sites yet.

They also say they are seeing some decline in the number of hospitalizations, which could be a indication that the latest surge has reached its peak.