Atrium Health employees caught on camera working without masks


CHARLOTTE, NC (WSOC) — Susan Klepper said she felt like she was in the “Twilight Zone” on Sunday when she noticed several medical staffers inside a SouthPark emergency department weren’t wearing masks.

Out of concern, Klepper said she asked a nurse why he wasn’t wearing one.

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“He told me in a flippant attitude that the masks don’t do a thing,” she said. “I saw three more nurses with no masks on. Their masks were down around their necks.”

Keppler told Channel 9 she took out her cell phone and snapped pictures — posting them on social media — to sound the alarm.

“When you come to work. You have to put your personal opinion in your pocket and follow the rules. It is a matter of life or death,” she said.

Channel 9 asked Atrium if the staff is allowed to avoid wearing masks.

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