New Hanover Community Endowment seeking 2 new members, opens applications to public


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover Community Endowment, the entity in control of the more than $1 billion coming from the sale of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, is seeking two additional board members.

Originally the board consisted of 11 members. All New Hanover County residents, five members appointed by county commissioners and six appointed by the community members of the hospital’s new local board.

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After Attorney General Josh Stein reviewed the sale, he approved it as long as certain conditions were met. Including adding two members to the board with backgrounds in public health, providing support to underserved populations, or promoting racial equity.

The endowment announced Monday applications for the positions are open to the public from February 8 through February 19, a decision to be made by March 4 just in time for the new members to join the board on March 11 for its first meeting.

Endowment Chairman Spence Broadhurst says the board could have made the decision by reaching out to the community using their contacts, but this method was the best choice.

“But what if there’s somebody out there that we just didn’t know about, right? That perfectly fits the bill for this. That’s why we thought it was important to open it up into the entire community and we think this will give us the best opportunity to get the two best candidates,” Broadhurst said.

Broadhurst went on to say that this is the first of many opportunities for community engagement in the Endowment.

Information on required qualifications and how to apply can be found here.